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"Right Hand Melody & Ear Training Course"

Thank you for your interest in my new "Right Hand Melody & Ear Training Course"!  By taking advantage of this special promotion, you'll get:

  • All the tricks I know for learning melodies by ear, and inserting them into the "Piano Man Approach" method

  • 18 song demonstration videos are included in addition to the 21 lesson videos!

  • My 90 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Let's have some fun together with this! :-)

What People Are Saying:

"Piano Man" Steve's approach to teaching piano has genuinely changed my life. I had taken piano lessons from a typical piano teacher which caused me to lose interest in playing. Once I found Steve's approach to teaching, I was excited to learn piano. Now, I am performing live, writing my own music, and able to quickly learn any song by ear due to Steve's approach to teaching piano.

Jack | Little Rock, Arkansas, USA