Welcome Friends of Joanne Cooper to the
"Piano Man Approach"

I adore Joanne and the amazing work she has done on YouTube and at playiit.com. Joanne and I knew immediately when we met that we were kindred spirits and that our individual missions compliment each other beautifully...at our core, we both simply wish to spread love and joy around the world through the magic of making music! 

I would be delighted to show you my course as well as pricing and links to sign up if it feels like a good fit.  All I need is a name and email address so I know where to send it.  I will also give you 50% off my regular price for lifetime access for one week after you opt in through the form below....all the details are on the other side!  Thanks for dropping by, and remember....

If you're not having FUN when you're making music, you're doing it WRONG! ;-)


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