Blaming Yourself for Lousy Results in Traditional Piano Lessons?

It's not Your Fault.  99% of Instructors Teach an Archaic, Complicated Method that Fails 99% of Students....Learning Your Favorite Songs Is Easy and I Want to Show You How....

It all started when I was 7 at my first piano lesson.  It just wasn't clicking with me, and the writing was already on the wall; it said, "Learning piano means reading notes on the page and practicing  these lame songs in lesson books, and that's just how it is!"

Even at age 7 that just felt wrong.  This method couldn't be right for me.  It was boring, complicated, and obviously designed for music I had no interest in playing.  Despite how much I wanted to learn, after five years of effort and frustration, I had nothing to show for it and I was ready to give up.  I came to the painful conclusion that I just wasn't talented or dedicated enough to figure it out.  But, just as I was on the verge of walking away, I lucked into a breakthrough that changed everything, and suddenly I could learn any song I wanted in minutes, and the piano became magic carpet ride of fun.

I've been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember.  Especially popular music....I was addicted to the radio as a kid and have Spotify playing in my headphones constantly today.  Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Metal, R&B, name it, I love it.  I idolized the people I heard on the radio as a kid, and was mesmerized by the local musicians I saw at block parties and civic events who could play those songs....but what did they know that I wasn't being taught?!  I knew the guy playing guitar at the coffee house wasn't reading notes on the staff....but, was it possible to do the same on piano?

When my mom signed me up for piano lessons, I was beyond excited to finally learn to make music myself.  But man, it was an incredible letdown.  It was nothing but scales, finger exercises, and the lamest music anyone could possibly imagine–all centered around reading notes on a staff. 

I figured some of that information must be necessary, but my teacher never explained WHY, and I saw no pathway from what I was being taught to what I actually WANTED to do.  I was bored, confused, and disillusioned by the end of my first day.  

A couple of times I bought sheet music for a song I wanted to learn, and then got even more depressed by the seemingly impossible task of playing it as written.  Even more disappointing was how little it sounded like the recording, even if I managed to fumble through it.  I was ready to give up.  I was heartbroken, but I just assumed I wasn't cut out to play piano.

Just as I was about to toss my dream into the trash, I stumbled upon some simple information that totally blew my mind, and set me on a very speedy path to exactly what I had always wanted.  It was a different method that mirrored what acoustic guitar players have been doing for nearly two centuries (ever notice how many BAD musicians can still play acoustic guitar pretty well?  This is why!), and provided a simple formula & process that I could use to learn any song in minutes. 

Overnight, I went from a frustrated John Thompson Book 1 dropout to a song learning machine.  And just like that, the greatest disappointment in my life became by far my greatest source of joy and fun.  

The shift was so profound for me that within a year, I landed my first paying gig. Through high school and college I started winning talent competitions, playing for parties & events, and getting featured in local and regional media.  I even recorded my first album!  Here are some examples....

Here's How This Method Transformed My Piano Playing Almost Overnight

The miracle I discovered is what I call the "Piano Man Approach", which is a totally different system for piano designed specifically for fast learning and execution of popular songs.  It was invented in the modern era for modern music.  I never bothered to look at a staff with notes on it again.

After discovering this magical system, I started having the time of my life.  But 20 years later I realized something....Most aspiring piano players never get the chance to have the experience with music they deserve.  That breaks my heart.

After pondering that thought I made a promise to myself: I was going to do everything I could to help other frustrated piano players learn this easy method and find the joy and fun they have been searching for.  Whether they want to make it a profession like me, or just enjoy the thrill of making music in the privacy of their homes, they deserve to know this amazing method that goes untaught by almost every piano instructor.

That's why I started breaking down the system that elevated me from a frustrated musical failure to a sought after international entertainer.  I've found endless hours of joy at home living inside my favorite songs just for fun, and made deep meaningful connections with family and friends by sharing music at weddings, holidays, and other special occasions....not to mention the exhilaration of performing for live audiences! 

After years of development, I'm excited to announce that the system is ready for release.  I'm proud to introduce: "The Piano Man Approach Crash Course". 

Finally, I have compiled that magical system into an easy to follow step-by-step course.  It's time for piano players all over the world to get in on this amazing method!

Making music has been an endless source of joy and fun for me, as well as being the basis for countless friendships, and the chance to create more special moments with people I love than I could have ever imagined.  It's because of the profound gratitude I feel for music and the piano method that unlocked it for me that I want to give something back to the aspiring musicians of the world, whether they want to go pro or just indulge in the best hobby on Earth.

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover
In "The Piano Man Approach Crash Course"....

✅ An in depth, but easy to understand explanation of the 3 secret pillars of  piano so that you can quickly analyze any song you want to learn and have 50% of your work done before you even play a note....

✅ My magic 5 step formula for learning any song so that you have an easily transferable process to apply anytime you want to add a new song to your repertoire; you should never feel like you're reinventing the wheel on any song you want to learn....

✅ A thorough training on the 4 essential feels of popular music so that you can speedily capture the rhythmic structure of any song and create a full, vibrant rendition immediately and avoid producing the lifeless, paceless, empty sound that plagues most players and infects nearly all sheet music....

✅ A fun and easy review of the small amount of music theory and body mechanics you need so that you don't make easily correctable mistakes that can hinder your progress or waste time taking in information that isn't necessary to your goal of learning your favorite songs....

✅ Over 20 song demonstration videos so that you can see how the techniques and processes you're learning in the lesson videos are practically applied in actual popular songs from multiple eras and genres....

✅ Fun and simple drills so that you can develop independence between your hands, and master important techniques and processes in easy settings preparing you to hit the ground running with songs you want to learn....

✅ Evergreen transferable techniques and tricks that can be interchanged within the same song and or multiple different songs so that you have a toolbox of great, easy ideas you can apply while playing songs, keeping the experience fresh and alive every time....

✅ 24/7 access to the lesson videos so that you can fit learning into your busy life and practice when you have time and inspiration rather than being a slave to an expensive weekly appointment that usually conflicts with other priorities...

✅ Streaming AND downloading options so you can learn in any setting you want regardless of the internet connection speed or restrictions on bandwidth; learning should be fun and convenient...

✅ A very positive and supportive attitude and environment from me so you never forget what I know: you can do this!

What My Students Are Telling Me:

Wohlen, Aargau, Switzerland

The "Piano Man Approach" method is unique and has enabled me to accompany my own songs on the piano.
Fantastic, exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!  Greetings from Switzerland!

Here's Exactly What You're About to Get Your Hands On....

Module #1 | Essential Fundamentals

Lessons 1 - 5 teaching the necessary body mechanics, music theory, and mental frame to succeed with this piano method

Here's what I'll show you | $97 Value

✅ Guidance for the right equipment, posture, body mechanics, and mindset for you to succeed

✅ A detailed but accessible presentation of the keyboard & notes and how it's organized so you can avoid the overwhelm most new players experience out of the gate

✅ A fun and digestible training on the building blocks of chords & key signatures so you have the foundation you need to hit the ground running with the three pillars of playing piano 

Module #2 | Basic Chords & Rhythm Patterns

Lessons 6 - 9 introducing the basics of the first two Pillars of Piano: simple chords and rhythm patterns

Here's what I'll show you | $97 Value

✅ Basic chords that you can immediately use inside rhythm patterns to create your first simple accompaniments

✅ The first of the four "Essential Feel" rhythm patterns so that you can immediately start creating elementary versions of popular songs

✅ Introduction of "Song Demonstration Videos" which will supplement every lesson for the rest of the course showing you how what you're learning can be actually applied to play songs you know and love

Module #3 | Second Level Chords, Rhythm Patterns, & Improv

Lessons 10 - 14 expanding to more complex chords and rhythm patterns, and introducing our first simple improv technique

Here's what I'll show you | $197 Value

✅ More complex chords so that you can be more precise when recreating the songs you love

✅ The most common, versatile, and powerful "Essential Feel" rhythm pattern so that you can dramatically increase the number of songs you can quickly learn

✅ The first simple improv technique so that you can begin to incorporate some licks and fills in the gaps between the lyrics of your favorite songs, giving legitimacy and authenticity to your playing

Module #4 | Learning Songs

Lessons 15 - 19 teaching the magic 5 step formula for learning songs and diving deeper into chords, rhythm patterns, and improv techniques

Here's what I'll show you | $197 Value

✅ My magic 5 step formula for learning songs so that you'll have a process to run any song you want to learn through for speedy learning and more fun

✅ The two remaining "Essential Feel" rhythm patterns so that no song is beyond your capacity to play

✅ More sophisticated chords and improv techniques so you can continue to add nuance and flavor to every song you learn

Module #5 | Third Level Chords, Rhythm Patterns, & Improv

Lessons 20 - 24 going into more complex chords, rhythm patterns, and improv techniques

Here's what I'll show you | $197 Value

✅ Basic but rare chords most never learn so that you are ready to nail that uncommon but unforgettable moment in songs that strays from the status quo

✅ Variations on the "Essential Feel" rhythm patterns so that you can mix things up and keep things fresh without surrendering the rhythmic integrity of the song

✅ A simple technique for playing "Walking Bass Lines" so that you can bring swing and blues-boogie songs into your repertoire

Module #6 | The Home Stretch

Lessons 25 - 28 & wrap up video teaching the final complex chords, rhythm patterns, and improv techniques and some important information for acoustic piano players

Here's what I'll show you | $197 Value

✅ Additional variations on "Essential Feel" rhythm patterns so that you have maximum versatility with the songs you choose

✅ Training on how to deal with songs based on triplets so that you can navigate tricky waters that confound most players

✅ An easy to grasp training on how to manually transpose chords to another key so that you can accommodate your (or someone you're backing up's) singing range even when you don't have a transposition function available on your instrument

Here's Why I (and my parents) Spent Thousands of Dollars Just So I Could Learn These Skills

Throughout my youth, my parents invested more time and money than care to count trying to help me find what I was searching for.  I owe them everything.

They invested well over $15,000 in my music career (and it wasn't easy for them to find that kind of money), not counting my college tuition!  In private lessons with multiple teachers alone they spent at least $8,000.

I spent countless hours with different teachers and mentors shaking the tree for bits of usable information over a period of many years trying to refine this method into what I needed.  Now, I'm condensing the best and most important of that information for you in this course.

Here's Why This Course Is Valued Over $900

If I were to take you into my private studio and train you myself, we would need at least a 10 or 11 hour session just for me to cover the essentials of this course and make sure you understood them.  At at rate of $100 per hour, that would turn into a pretty expensive private instruction often is.

One of the reasons I can offer it to you at such a low price is because I don't have to ship anything to you or make arrangements to meet in person.  Instead, you'll get the entire course, i.e. the lesson videos, the song demonstration videos, some pdf & mp3 files, and all the bonuses (see below) INSTANTLY!

Because of that, I'm releasing "The Piano Man Approach Crash Course" today at the lowest rate possible for the next 25 people who sign up....

Normally $297  Today Just $97

And, If You Act Now, I'll Include the Following Bonuses Absolutely Free!

Bonus #1 | The Basics of Playing Piano by Ear

Now that you've stopped looking at the notes on the staff and started looking at chord symbols instead, let's take it a step further and show you a system where you don't need those either

Here's what I'll show you | $97 Value

✅ My personal long time process for breaking down a song and working out the chords simply from listening

✅ A fun guide and tip on how to identify intervals so you can use the melody to help you find the chords

✅ A discussion revealing common chord progressions that you can use as a shortcut in thousands of songs

Bonus #2 | The Art of Playing Piano In a Band

Whether you want to become a full time pro, jam with friends in the garage, or volunteer your talent at the community theatre or your worship band at church, you'll learn how to tweak this method to fit with other instruments and players

Here's what I'll show you | $97 Value

✅ A clear explanation and demonstration of the difference between making all the noise yourself vs. fitting into a group of musicians all sharing the available soundscape so you can slide into your role with ease and enjoy the amazing feeling of artistic collaboration

✅ Demonstrations covering multiple tempos and genres so that you're prepared for whatever group and or setting you find an opportunity to be in

✅ Insights about playing in groups so you know what to expect when opportunity knocks

Bonus #3 | Easy Christmas Carol Sing-Along Pack

Facilitate a special experience for your family and friends at a Yuletide gathering, or simply help yourself get into the spirit of the season

Here's what I'll show you | $77 Value

✅ Easy walkthroughs of a smattering of holiday favorites using the chords, rhythm patterns, & improv approach you've learned in the "Crash Course" so you have a cache of go-to classics when the holiday season sneaks up on you

✅ Demonstrations that not only help you learn the Carols, but also hone your mastery of the method that you can use on any song any time

✅ Free updates as I add more tunes to the collection so that your repertoire can grow with the years

Bonus #4 | Live Stream Q&A and Video Blog Anthology

This collection of students only video blogs and Q&A sessions help fill in the gaps of what questions remain after studying the course

Here's what I'll show you | $67 Value

✅ Real time answers to dozens of questions that have come in over more than 60 Q&A Live Stream sessions between 2020 - 2022 from students just like you giving great insight to how to apply this method to various genres, tempos, and styles

✅ Highly valuable information about the psychology of making music and how to move beyond the mental and emotional blocks that stifle so many aspiring artists

✅ An abundance of tips and suggestions for those wanting to play professionally part time or full time drawing from my 3 decades of experience at the local, state, and national level

Bonus #5 | Free YouTube Song Tutorial Index

My work is about a general transferable method that can be used to learn credible versions of any song in minutes.  But occasionally I teach a note for note tutorial of a song with a particularly fun or impressive signature and put it on YouTube for free as a public service.  This index will link you to all of them

Here's what I'll show you | $37 Value

✅ An easy place to search the songs and artists I've taught full or partial tutorials for without having to sift through the ocean of content on YouTube

✅ A well organized index of links to my signature collections of Billy Joel & Elton John tutorials, the two artist who inspired me above all others to become a musician

✅ Updates as I post more tutorials to my channel so that your repertoire can grow with the years

I This Is a Limited Time Offer and I'm Only Giving It to the Next 25 People Who Sign Up...Then the Price Will Go Back Up

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And never forget my personal mantra....if you're not having fun when you're making music, you're doing it wrong! 😉 

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