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Sunday, 2 - 25 - 24 | Free Content & a Few Thoughts....

Feb 25, 2024

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well, this has been a good but hectic week!  It's been one of those weeks that remind me that making plans are good, but you have to roll with the unanticipated things that come your way.  I had a number of technical issues come up during the week that completely derailed my planned schedule of content creation in my studio.  So, a few days at the end of the week ended up being much later nights than anticipated getting everything done because it took three days early in the week to get all my software and devices working properly again.

Honestly, no complaints.  It's never fun in the middle of that kind of thing, but there is such satisfaction in finding your way to the solutions, especially when you learn something from the experience that will prevent those same problems from occurring again.  Some of yoou might be stuck on something you're trying to work out on piano like this right now.

It sounds cliched, but try not to let the frustration overcome you.  Nelson Mandella once said that every problem seems impossible until it's solved.  I certainly don't want to compare trying to work out a lick or hand coordination for a rhythm pattern to ending Apartheid and leading a national reconciliation between warring factions of a society, but I think there is wisdom in what he said even in the simplest problems we face. 

I have to be honest....I had ZERO idea what was wrong with my computer or my recording software when it was acting up and shutting itself down randomly earlier in the week, and I was getting NOWHERE in the support forums and chats available to me from the manufacturer.  I started to freak out a bit because my entire operation is about generating content and this program is absolutely central to that process.  And after feeling completely hopeless and seemingly making no progress toward resolution for two and a half days, I stumbled upon what was causing the glitch...it was a simple fix, and now the program is running better than ever and even using up less memory on my iMac while it operates.

Whatever confounding struggle you might be experiencing in your journey with piano, just remember....if you keep coming back, take breaks when you get frustrated, and trust the process....one day you'll stumble into the muscle memory....the hand independence....the "aha" moment of clarity where you finally understand what has seemed like an impossible concept before.  And when that happens, the progress is yours forever.  What a thrill those moments are....and good thing too....because the next problem will be right around the corner just waiting to offer you another satisfying solution.  :-) 

Have a great week gang....enjoy the freebies! ;-)

This week's free content is below:

"Something About the Way You Look Tonight"
(Elton John)

Or if the video doesn't display here, simply click THIS LINK to view it on YouTube!

"Easy Fast Picking Guitar Style Rhythm Pattern for Piano"
****Special Note****
(This video was suggested by one of your fellow students, Bill H. in St. Louis.  Don't hesitate to tell me what topics or songs you'd like me to cover in the comments below!)

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#SundayJamz with the YouTube Music Mafia
"Solitary Man"
(Neil Diamond)

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#SundayFunDay Live Stream Concert with Piano Man Steve, 2 - 4 - 24

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***Special Extra Live Stream***
"Talkin' Piano, MAN."
Conversation & Music with Piano Man Steve & Kevin Laurence
(My good friend and amazing musician Kevin Laurence called me up and asked if I'd like to start a series of live streams where we share our favorite songs...both popular and lesser known, and share stories and insights about the songs musically, personally, and anything interesting we might know about the writing and recording by the original artists.  I said, SIGN ME UP!  This was our first edition, and we hope to do it monthly, and maybe more at some point.)

Or if the video doesn't display here, simply click THIS LINK to view it on YouTube!

Have a great week everyone....and remember, if you're not having fun when you're making music....you're doing it wrong! :-)

Piano Man Steve