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Sunday, 4 - 21 - 24 | Free Content & My Weekly Thoughts....

Apr 21, 2024

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well, as I mentioned last week, I'm on vacation.  I made all of this month's YouTube content in advance and set it to go live on the appropriate days, and I made the posts that will go out in my absence (like the one you're reading right now) in advance and set to go public at the right time as well, so that there isn't any interruption in the value I hope to be adding to your experience each week.  But....since I am taking some down time for myself, I won't be writing new "thoughts" for each week, because I'm trying to learn how to be on vacation and actually just "be on vacation" LOL.  So....this exact post with different video content is what you'll see until I return toward the end of the month, and then I'll start sharing my "deep thoughts" again in May ;-).  I suspect most of you are here for the videos more than my philosophical musings anyway LOL.  See you soon, and please still feel free to leave suggestions for new content in the comments section below or via email....you all have the best ideas for that, not me!  ;-)

Have a great week gang....enjoy the freebies! ;-)

This week's free content is below:

"Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)"
(Billy Joel)

Or if the video doesn't display here, simply click THIS LINK to view it on YouTube!

Game Changing Fact About Chords:
There Are Only 5!

Or if the video doesn't display here, simply click THIS LINK to view it on YouTube!

#SundayJamz is on temporary hiatus while Robbie tends to some other work that has come his way....but we shall resume soon!  ;-)

***No Livestream Show This Week While I'm On Vacation***

Have a great week everyone....and remember, if you're not having fun when you're making music....you're doing it wrong! :-)

Piano Man Steve